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Search Engine Optimization

The process of Internet marketing itself is vital in today's business society. It is the necessary activity companies must ensure they undertake in order to not just keep up with, but get ahead, of all the others. Not surprisingly, marketing has in recent times taken on a completely new media avenue, which has more power and effect than any of the traditional marketing avenues.

      If you have not established a high visibility on the major search engines, like Google, Yahoo and AltaVista then you probably are not receiving the online business you need to be successful. Getting that visibility, however, is no longer as easy as creating a website and submitting it to the various search engines.

What sets DRAP Technologies Services apart from our competitors?

  • Providing our clients with proven campaigns.
  • Search Engine Marketing is our major focus.
  • Valuable start up costs in the industry.
  • No set up fees, maintenance fees or hidden costs.
  • Campaigns available for most budgets.
Each campaign is uniquely designed to meet your needs.


The process of an SEO campaign can be summarized as follows:

Step 1

Planning - Setting Goals, Keyword research, Competitive analysis i.e. Identify your target market & evaluate what you need to

Step 2

Optimization: Keywords and site content, On page SEO, Link building i.e. Using optimization techniques you get your website rank as high as possible in the search engines for those keywords that this audience is most likely to use.

Step 3

Campaign tracking i.e. One of the key benefits of SEO over other traditional marketing vehicles is the highly measurable results. As such, you should constantly track your website's progress in the search engines and make adjustments to your SEO strategy as necessary.

DRAP Technologies helps clients increase their Internet visibility through proven search engine marketing campaigns. Whether you are looking for guaranteed ranking or large volumes of search engine traffic.