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Hardware & Networking Solutions


Networking Solutions

As a solution provider DRAP Technologies has successfully deployed numerous local area and wide area networks by utilizing thin-client technologies, remote access solutions and Internet based connectivity products.

DRAP Technologies Offers Designing implementation of LAN & WAN networks including physical and wireless media using the products of Cisco, Nortel,Marcone, 3Com, D-link, US-Robotics etc., with structured cabling. Our key feature of implementation includes security (firewall), Virtual Private Network (VPN), Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP), Virtual Local Area Network (VLAN) Virus Protection Etc.

We provide Peer to Peer & Server based solutions for database, Email Messaging (internal & external),  and Internet Sharing. Using following platforms, Microsoft Servers Family (Exchange 2000 server, SBS 2000 Server, ISA Server, SQL Server, IIS Server) Sun Solaris, Red Hat Linux, Sco-Unix, Novell Netware etc.,

Our expertise in the Microsoft, Novell and Citrix/Terminal Server environments unifies your operation with an easy-to-manage system, while making access to the vast resources of the Internet fast, affordable and efficient.

DRAP Technologies provides a single turn-key solution for customers wishing to deploy business critical applications via Internet.

Other support services include Wireless networking, Remote access solutions, VPN's, Firewalls, Equipment sales, Application Deployments & Development, Training, Consultations, Equipment Sales/Repairs.


Hardware Solutions

We Provide branded, Assembles servers & desktop PC's, Computer Peripherals Networks & Back-up Devices etc.,

We can help you with finding the right computer hardware for your home or office. We can offer very competitive prices for computer components (motherboards, processors, RAM, video cards, HDD, FDD, computer screens, CD-RW, DVD, mice, keyboards, multimedia, faxmodems, network products, software, etc.), individual configurations and products consumables. We can install the required hardware and software on your computer.


  • Repair, Upgrade & Assembling Services for all kind Desktop computer brands & models
  • Repair & Upgrade Services for all kind Laptop / Notebook computers & brands
  • Service all Microsoft Windows-based software
  • Install CD Burners, CD-ROMs, DVD Players, Web Cams, Hard Disks, Printers, Scanners, Digital Cameras
  • Upgrade and configure All other hardware components
  • Install & Upgrade Microsoft Operating Systems & all others
  • Computer virus removal services
Annual system maintenance check-up services